Silvio Denz



From the outset, Stephan von Neipperg has been a friend and unstinting supporter of Silvio Denz's presence in Saint-Emilion. In the meantime, Denz has built up a team of top advisers in each specialist discipline.

Michel ROLLAND, expert oenologist
After buying the three vineyards of Château Péby Faugères, Château Faugères and Château Cap de Faugères from the Guisez family, Silvio DENZ sought to retain the services of Michel Rolland. In fact, Rolland has been involved personally since 1993, alongside the Vignobles Silvio DENZ team.


Jean-Pierre COUSINIE in the vineyard
In the vineyard, the team benefits from the advice of Jean-Pierre Cousinié, who has dealt with the nutritional balance of the vines and soils since 1998. This new approach to agricultural practice is 100% natural. It achieves the ideal soil balance, limits hydric stress, boosts the vines' natural defences and therefore reduces parasite and fungal attack. Finally, it improves grape quality, affording better control of production and maturation.

Biovitis for protection
Since 1997, Bertrand Sutre from Biovitis has worked to provide integrated protection of the vineyards. The result has been to limit the number of artificial treatments. The use of all acaricides has been discontinued since 1993, insecticides since 2003 and fungicides against grey mould since 2005.