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Taste and savour

“Merle et Raisins” (“Blackbird and Grapes”) has adorned bottles of Château PÉBY FAUGÈRES since 2009 vintage. This crystal engraving is based on the design created by René Lalique in 1928 to decorate the partitions on the Orient-Express.

Another creation for the mythical train, also inspired by themes dear to the Art Nouveau master, “Femme et Raisins” (“Woman and Grapes”) has featured on bottles of Château LAFAURIE-PEYRAGUEY since 2013 vintage.

In 2016, the futuristic silhouette of Château FAUGÈRES “cathedral of wine” was chosen to be engraved on its bottles. The crystal engraving remains at the centre of this creation, while also introducing architecture to the interplay of elements.

These glass bottles are contemporary versions of Lalique’s artistic style and evoke its pre-war creations, such as the “Yquem” glass and decanter set, designed by René Lalique in 1934, or the bottle created in 1922 for the “Clos Sainte-Odile” in Alsace. They combine the pleasure of tasting with that of contemplating the exquisite engravings.

‘‘ The finesse of crystal is not purely visual, it can also be touched and listened to. ’’

Silvio Denz, Owner

The brand’s precious cultural heritage is thus given a new life in highly contemporary expressions. The birds with their finely crafted plumage delight in the grapes’ sweet juices while the vines curl elegantly around them in this perfectly balanced composition. The richness of the decoration gives a feeling of profusion and abundance. A walk among the vines. With the remarkable purity of the brand’s signature satin-finished and repolished crystal, these decorative objects brilliantly illustrate the timeless character of Lalique’s creations.

2021 marks a new era with the Gaïa by Lalique collection, based on the famous "Merles et Raisins" (“Blackbird and Grapes”) motifs that once travelled on the legendary Orient- Express, and which find new expression in vases and bowls with a timeless style.

The Merlot collection, consisting of a decanter and a universal glass, for the most demanding wine lovers, combines beautiful design with a perfect tasting experience. With a goblet shape designed for all types of wine, the glass is distinguished by the Blackbird and Grapes motif incorporated into the stem in the satin-finished and repolished crystal for which Lalique is renowned.
The vine motif also adorns the stopper of the decanter. The decanter itself is inspired by the flowing lines of duck-shaped decanters. As if suspended, it gives an illusion of weightlessness.

Functional and desirable, exceptional and yet part of everyday life, these creations embody the desire to taste and understand wine as the expression of a terroir. They celebrate the art of living and entertaining.

‘‘ Architecture, works of art, crystal and perfume: art has many forms yet all can produce similar emotions. ’’Silvio Denz, Owner